Grad project : “Shattered”

My photography assessment was scheduled Tuesday 12th at 930am (and goes for 30 minutes), however everyone could request different amounts of time to do the set up (I requested the longest possible knowing it would be a marathon to install!). Lucky I was able to start setting the day before. Here is a breakdown of my assessment and the set up:

Monday 2pm – 8pm: Transporting windscreens from my place in Belconnen 7kms to the School of Art Gallery at ANU. This was usually only a 10 minute drive. Lets add in the fact that God decided it was to easy for me and that I needed a bigger challenge and 90% of the day it was pouring rain. My transportation system relied entirely on my brother’s ute and his mad driving skills. In the back of his ute we had a totally unconventional system of 4 tyres, 1 sheet of polystyrene foam, a elastic cargo net, and a few blankets and pillows. On tests transporting the windscreens there was little damage from this method. Only the vibrations cause the cracks to spread. This meant as we were transporting them horizontally it was best to only take one at a time. (and if there was a problem we didn’t loose them all in one go.) So we loaded them up one by one, drove along Belconnen Way/Barry drive at an exaggerated slow speed aquaplaning along and me holding on to the side of the seats with all of my fingers crossed that they didn’t fall to pieces. We parked about 20 metres from the back door to the gallery and had the extremely difficult task of carrying wet glass in the pouring rain without dropping it. Needless to say we got drenched. However we successfully got all of them in no damage! Was a miracle really. We then began the process we had earlier mastered in a test run of hanging the windscreens from the ceiling on 2mm wires. This seemed to take forever and I was very relieved when all of them were up and then I remembered I had to hang the rest of my work!



Monday 8pm-1030pm: Next was the set up of my photographs!! My photos are printed on Museo Max 100% cotton fine archival paper and mounted on a aluminium composite (to mimic the car/windscreens/general awesome metallic-ness -which cost me a fortune). They are actually a lot lighter than you would expect and for the time in which I had to put it all up and take it down I decided to mount them to the wall using double sided velcro! (Because it is easy to do and it sits reasonably flat if anyone was to buy my prints at grad show and wanted to frame them) I had previously attached both sides of the velcro to the back of the images so we just had to pull the clear bit off the back and put it on the wall in position. It was a faster process that I anticipated. We started at the bottom and worked up measuring off the previous print and sticking. The higher ones were a little harder as they are up as higher than 3metres. But we got it all up! and then I just had to clean the windscreens. tidy up etc.

Tuesday 6am: Hardly slept! The anticipation of my last assessment was getting to me, I was both nervous and excited. I got up collect my things for my table (books, references, visual diary – basically to show our progress and the background) and headed into uni. When I got there the gallery wasn’t even open yet so I had to call security to open it for me. I set up my table area. I had a last minute discussion to bring in my army camo shirt to add to everything. I didn’t take a photo of my table and plinth set up of my awesome stuff but it looked pretty snazzy I now had a wait till the accessing panel came in. I sat on the floor, paced, twiddled my thumbs – probably made myself way more nervous than I needed to be!

Tuesday 930am: My assessment!! My two accessors came in, analysed my work, asked many questions, I had a little spool ready to say – I got a bit caught up in emotion in some of it (and the nerves). Time flew! I left the gallery so they could discuss their comments. I went back in and they seemed pretty impressed they told me I had done very well and put my soul and life into this work. I said yes, I know. I might get it back now! They appreciated that I was so emotionally involved in the work and had a few other comments. (I don’t get much feedback – and I get my marks in December.) I then went and helped my bestie Steph finish set up her work, painted some nails, was in a bit of trance I think. Myself and a few other students had a nap in the 3rd year space for a while. After Stephs assessment I helped her pack it up. I guess it hadn’t set in yet that we were done.

Tuesday 1pm: All the assessment were now over in the gallery. So I was able to return to take everything down again (what? I know) I took a few more photos of my install, a few of my lectures and other students and staff from the school came through and visit my work. Excellent comments all round. Nick (my brother who I wouldn’t been able to do any of this without) came in to help take down my work (windscreens definately cant be taken down by one person!) We took down the windscreens, packed up my table into the suitcase, ripped (actually ripped remember its velcro) all my work off the wall, well we used a thin wire to slide down the back to loosen it then carefully pulled them off. Carefully re-wrapped all my images in bubble wrap. My brother and Steph then had to leave to go to work so I offloaded some of my stuff to Nick to drop home in his ute and replastered and painted the wall. (I had never plastered before and this was a bit therapeutic and hilarious) I then came home, unpacked everything and went to Army. (Incase I haven’t previously mentioned I am in the Army Reserve and parade every Tuesday night.)

Tuesday 11pm: Got home. Ate Lasagne. So tired. What a huge day! I can’t believe I have finished my degree and how spectacular my work looks.



I am so happy with everything I created and all the hard work I put into this work and very proud of how it all turned out.

My project would not have been possible without my two very talented and dedicated models Kinisha Roweth and Jack Daintith who carried out the original brief given to them far beyond my expectations.

Special thanks to:

My family – especially my mother.

Orange Theatre  Company

Kintail Equine Services

Canberra Olympic Pool


The Exhibition Centre

The Artworks

ACT Windscreens

To view all the images and the project click here.

2013 Graduating Exhibition  – Friday, November 29, 2013 – Sunday, December 8, 2013