About my style

My style is genuine.

I am inspired by love, laughter and the environment. My goal is to document your wedding day story as it unfolds in a natural and unobtrusive way.

Capturing those little glances and details you may not have noticed on the day. Nothing is more beautiful than your smiles and character. I will be there to capture you together with magical portraits capturing your love amidst the beautiful locations.

Where necessary I can be your guide, giving you prompts and games to shake the nerves. Whilst immersed with your best friend in these moments they will be captured and preserved for you to look back on. Most importantly I want you to feel comfortable, be yourselves and have an amazing day leaving me to produce the images that reflect you.

Wedding Photography is so much more than just pulling out a camera and documenting the day. It’s about representing your story and creating gorgeous photographs for you to continue to celebrate your love.


I have three Wedding Collections to suit a variety of days, from five to ten hours long and offer a wide range of exciting extras, such as stunning Wedding Albums and fine art pieces.

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Albums and Art pieces

After the wedding day the one tangible thing you will have left are your photographs. Those photographs hold precious memories of the most important people in your lives. Most couples spend a large part of their wedding budget on professional wedding photography. I offer a gorgeous linen cover album and a variety of photographic fine art prints.

Printing your wedding photos is the best way of celebrating these magical moments.

Below is simply a collection of my most recent weddings, I have include photos in these albums that make me smile. These were the ones that gave me a little ‘punch in the guts – that’s gonna be a keeper’ type feeling when I shot it. (ha, its a photographer thing!) I hope you like, maybe you’ll get a little feeling in your stomach too and hopefully I can create the same for you! – Tiff