I have this habit of smiling when I’m the one taking the photos

Hello, I’m Tiffany – as you probably gathered! 

I am 26 and currently live in Canberra, Australia. I love the in between months of autumn and spring, when the colours are out in full force in the environment and it is a great temperature to get out and explore.

This is one of my favourite things to do, you will often find me out with my partner Chris, venturing to a new place or just enjoying nature with a nice picnic by the lake. Occasionally with takeaway from our favourite Thai place – Mekong River in Dickson. The owner is lovely and is always up for a chat.

I also enjoy listening to music, making (and eating) yummy foods and spending time with those I love most.

Chris and I just out of Silverton, NSW

My love of photography started when I was in a car accident toward the end of my schooling and lent to photos as a recollection of my life. I see my camera as an invaluable tool to capture and record memories, moments and spectacular places. This lead me to complete my tertiary education in arts and photography.

Photography is all about capturing those special moments for you to look back on with a smile, as unforgettable memories.  I love to photograph those glances, details and nothing is more beautiful that smiles and candid images.

Currently I photograph part-time, and work full time teaching photography in a collage in Canberra. This is perfect for me as I love sharing my passion for arts and creativity with others and it also allows me to continue learning.

I have always had a love of art and design and wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body. I enjoy capturing memories (allowing one to look back on a moment, creating a story that we can use to mark change throughout our lives) and adventure I find the environment (especially the ocean) the biggest inspiration for me. Its vastness and power continues to amaze me.

Austria, right before I am about to go jump off a mountain.

I believe I was created to create and I put everything into my photographic and artistic work.

I am based in Canberra but travel often to photograph. I am also part of RAW Australia so pop over to my profile and check if I have any exhibitions coming up.

Now that you know a little about me, I would like to know about you! Jump over to the contact form and tell me your story and we will see how I can best capture it!